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“Starway helped us get to a new level of growth and development for our executive team.”

-Steve Cobb, CEO, Henny Penny

Starway is a web-based, performance management software tool that brings efficiency and a talent development perspective to the review process. It was developed to help smaller organizations to take advantage of proven practices developed by large companies that enhance the effectiveness of their people. Introduced over 7 years ago, Starway Service is designed specifically for small and mid-sized organizations (from 10 to 1,500 employees).

This tool works in conjunction with your strategy and execution initiatives by helping everyone know what they need to do to contribute to your future success.

What It Does

Starway helps connect employees to strategy in a real-world, measurable way by combining a job description and unique performance evaluation for each job title into one document, the Performance Map. It guides employees' daily work to user-friendly assessments that bring accountability and clarity to the review process. The tool is fully automated and customized to integrate into an approach that is "mission possible" for any size organization.

How It Works

The Starway web tool serves as the information hub & dashboard for all performance-related employee data. Once the initial set-up takes place, it generates employee performance maps & job descriptions (including measurable goals), creates concise review forms (all ready to be filled out by supervisors) and uses a tracking & reminder system for supervisors to ensure review deadlines are met. The result is 1) a fully automated review process and 2) consistent, relevant employee reviews that completely connect back to the company's strategic goals.

Next Steps

Thousands of employees are currently on Starway as part of their company's performance management and review process. It's a powerful, automated process that will ignite and fuel a performance culture at your company. Day in and day out. Once exposed to Starway, we're confident that your senior management team and its direct reports will adopt this tool as the new standard in efficiency and strategy alignment. Visit the Features and Benefits section of this site for more information. Or call Lisa Prescott at 513 841 0888. You can also contact us for a one-on-one site tour.