• - Structured Review Process
  • - Time-saving Review & Hiring
  • - Assessments
  • - Integration into Current System
  • - Single-point Hub
  • - On-demand Access
  • - Secure Access
  • - Implementation
  • - Ongoing Support

“By focusing on four clear metrics, we have much more insight about how we are achieving our ultimate mission.”

-Bill Hoppell, President, Cincinnati Nature Center

A More Structured, Disciplined Review Process

It’s easy to justify senior management’s time to shape strategy. Yet when it comes to implementing that strategy throughout the organization that’s when things often break down. The ensuing employee “stickiness” associated with trying to connect strategy to performance is perceived as too time-consuming – or uncomfortable. Yet when companies confront the gap and take accountability for guiding employees in a methodic fashion, great things happen. Starway fills that gap by bringing structure to the entire review process. Every map, every assessment, every guide connects the behaviors and competencies that translate to increased focus on those efforts that support the strategy. And that leads to apples-to-apples comparisons that allows management to measure employees on what’s truly important.


A Time-saving Review & Hiring Process

At the heart of Starway is an application service provider model that automates the entire review and hiring process from start to finish. Here, managers get e-mail reminders about upcoming reviews and can easily see which reviews they need to complete by accessing a simple dashboard on Starway. That’s just for starters. When they access the system they received an auto-generated assessment form ready to be filled out. What typically takes a supervisor 1 hour-per-employee to complete can now be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Starway delivers a powerful short-cut for all those managers who have complained about the time it takes to do assessments.

Starway also brings automation and efficiency to the interviewing process using job-specific interview guides. These guides, easily accessed through Starway, help direct your managers’ actions to ensure objectivity throughout the hiring journey.



In the absence of direction employees gravitate toward work they like. But with Starway you empower your employees to funnel their efforts to the work that matters. Starway’s unique performance mapping methodology ties back 100% to strategy, so employees know what work is needed and how it should be carried out. When review time comes around, employees already know how they’ll be measured since the assessments include the same language and performance measurements listed in their individual maps. So there are no surprises. This clarity and consistency breeds bottom-line focus to employees’ efforts. Suddenly employees don’t just feel more connected to the company’s strategic goals; they become more connected through clearly-stated performance measures. And with that connection comes control – the control employees now have to take greater accountability of their performance.


Integration into Current System

The latest version of Starway (version 3.0) is now more flexible than ever. It allows users to customize based on your organization’s performance management strategy. An easy-to-use configuration screen makes customization a snap. Enhanced navigation and user interface tools make it more intuitive and easy to use. The result? You get to spend your time on the important work of performance feedback and communication – vs. trying to force a cookie-cutter solution.


Single-point Hub for All Records

Starway houses all data under one roof – from historical records to on-going assessment records & reports/maps to interview data. No more duplicate files, no endless hours paper shuffling, no IT staff to add, and no hardware or software to purchase.


On-demand 24/7 Access

No equipment is needed other than a standard internet connection. Managers can access the Starway web application from home or work to complete their workforce management tasks.


100% Secure, Password-Protected Access

Privacy of employee records is a huge concern. The Starway software addresses this concern with 100% secure access. All employee data maintains 100% confidentiality and is secured with the latest 128-bit data encryption technology. Your organization has its own account with its own administrative login. Each of your employees also has his/her own login for access to data that’s pre-selected by the administrator. So you control who gets what access -- and when.



Starway's powerful, web-based employee performance solution requires minimum technology to set up and implement. There is no additional IT people, hardware or software necessary. The technical specifications are available on most out-of-the-box computers used by small and mid-sized organizations. System requires include:


• Internet Connection of 56K or higher (broadband is preferred)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 6.01 or higher
• Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT 4.00, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
• PC compatible
• A minimum of 32 MB of RAM
• Microsoft Outlook
• Adobe Acrobat Reader


Ongoing Support & Customer Collaboration

Once your company is set up on the system you have access to a live Starway site expert for troubleshooting, training and assistance. Support is truly a phone call away. This support is available to both the administrator and any and all employees utilizing Starway. This is especially helpful in the first 60 days of set up as well as during peak performance review times. The phone calls and assistance are logged and become points of discussion & insight during Starway’s bi-annual customer user forums. During these interactive events customers share common issues, tips, and inquiries that help shape future iterations of Starway.